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Let’s face it – the selection of vacuum cleaners available today is amazing and at very least somewhat overwhelming. But how to choose the one which will not only fit your life style, but one that is practical, easy to use,The best choice and most importantly, does a good job? A “bad” vacuum cleaner choice will only give you headaches. There is a vacuum cleaner for every need and for every budget. No matter how big or small your place (or palace) is there will always be dirt. That’s why a good vacuum cleaner is essential.

Convenience, simplicity of use, performance, and price for the vacuum cleaner is a key. It should be light enough and maneuverable enough to navigate through your space with just a twist of the wrist without the need to move or lift the furniture. It should be simple in operation, so no more bending and hopefully no sweat. A complete seal without blowing dirt and dust back into the room especially if you suffer from allergies. And, of course, it should perform well on your entire floor surfaces regardless of the type. A great vacuum cleaner goes beyond just picking up dirt and debris from the surface – it digs deep to extract all unseen dust particles. The price-line can also be the final deciding factor in which vacuum is right for you.


There are two basic types of vacuum cleaners: upright and canister (also known as cylinder). Other types are also available, but usually are used in conjunction with one of the two basic ones. Some of these other types are: stick, handheld, and not to forget, the “crème de la crème”-, the robotic vacuum cleaners. Let us not forget one further option – the cordless vacuum cleaner.

 Upright Vacuums Cleaners  (see Shark Upright Vacuum cleaners)

Upright vacuum cleaners, in general, tend to be more convenient since you do not have to drag a hose or canister around with you. While some come with bags, others come with reusable canisters. These “bagless” models have become even more popular for the simple fact that there is no need to purchase bags anymore. Though these vacuum cleaners do not require bags, they do require filters. Some newer vacuum cleaners design has the convenience of washable filters. Bagless vacuums are usually heavier as they contain a permanent plastic debris container.

Upright vacuum cleaners also differ in configuration but there are two basic designs: direct and by-pass. Direct vacuum cleaners are mostly for commercial use, they are equipped with bags and they have no hose. In direct upright vacuum cleaners the motor is positioned as closely to the floor as possible so the dirt and debris has less distance to travel to the bag. Direct vacuum cleaners rely on airflow and have a very simple design. The dirt passes through the motor prior to any filtration on route to the dust bag. This design makes for better airflow and higher suction.

None of the by-pass vacuum cleaners can outperform the direct commercial vacuum cleaners in terms of performance and durability. Though they are noisier and heavier, they are built for life. Examples of some direct vacuum cleaners – Kirby, Royal and Oreck.

The second basic design- By-pass is more complicated. The motor is placed behind a hose after the bag and the filter. The hose becomes the most powerful source of the vacuum. The motor has to pull air from the floor through the distance of hose and then through the filtration system before finally exhausted out through the motor. By-pass vacuums tend to lose some vacuuming suction ability due to the distance the air has to travel and thus cleaning ability is sacrificed. For that reason it is important to choose a “by-pass” vacuum cleaner that has a powerful motor. (see Shark Upright Vacuum cleaners).

Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Canister vacuum cleaners are less convenient since you have to pull, drag, lift or carry them with you as long as you are vacuuming. They are convenient for above-the-floor cleaning and staircases. Canister vacuums in general tend to have better suction and airflow then upright vacuums, but cannot beat “direct” upright vacuum cleaners in terms of functionality. See Shark Canister Vacuum cleaners.


how to chooseToday’s vacuum cleaners are using the latest up-to-date technology. What is today’s technology?

  • Never loses suction technology based on cyclone technology. “Cyclone” technology removes dirt from the air. A fan near the bottom of the vacuum cleaner creates the suction, drawing air and dirt into the machine. All that air and dirt flies up past the fan and is pushed into the filter bag/plastic bin, where the dirt is trapped.
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal which means that nothing is blowing back into the air. You will not find any dust under or on the furniture.
  • Swivel steering technology – you can easily maneuver around furniture with just a twist of the wrist.
  • Lift-away feature converts an upright vacuum cleaner into a canister and handheld vacuum cleaner. You can have a 3-in-1 vacuum: upright, canister and handheld for the price of one.
  • HEPA filters are cylinders of folded paper. The air is sucked through the filter, leaving the dirt behind in the bin/bag.
  • Fingertip controls makes the operation of any vacuum cleaner very simple. With that feature you can pull a wand out without having to stop vacuuming.
  • Dual-motor, instead of a single-motor system. Some vacuum cleaners utilize a cleaning head (floor nozzle) and pet brush with their own motor; they are instead of air powered like some vacuum cleaners. With a dual-motor system the vacuum cleaner works just as well, if not better, than specialty vacuums cleaners used by many professional cleaning services.
  • Zero maintenance costs: No regular parts to change – even the belts will ever wear out. Life-time filters do not need to be replaced; only washing them once every 3 months or so.
  • Edge cleaning: This is a very important feature. Nobody wants a vacuum which leaves dirt behind near the baseboards.
  • LED Headlights to see where dirt is hiding.


Performance of any vacuum cleaner is judged by airflow, agitation, and suction. Agitation and airflow are the most important characteristics of any vacuum cleaners, and then comes suction. Airflow is a rush of air created by an area of low pressure/vacuum when a vacuum cleaner is started. Outside air rushes in to fill the vacuum space. Agitation is caused by the rotating brushes. Agitation is always faster than airflow. Suction is the actual lift created by the fans in the vacuum cleaner.

Manufacturers used to rate the performance of vacuum cleaners by watts and amps. If you’re tempted to buy a model with the highest amps, horsepower or watts, you might want to think again. These numbers are simply measurements of the electrical current used by the motor. In fact, motor power ratings really don’t mean much at all when choosing a vacuum cleaner. A 10-amp motor can create more suction power than a 12-amp motor if its design is more efficient.

You really need to feel comfortable to use the vacuum cleaner you choose. Long power cords so you do not have to keep moving the plug around to vacuum, extendable hoses and instant release wands are all nice features to have. On-board accessories, headlights to illuminate the area you are vacuuming are also helpful for cleaning in dark corners. Noise level is also an important factor. A vacuum with a decibel level in the 60-65 dB range will be extremely quiet.

Warranty is also often overlooked as a feature when buying a vacuum cleaner or any appliance. Five years manufacturer’s warranty is a pretty good deal.

Regardless of which model you eventually purchase, remember that it should be able to satisfy your most urgent cleaning requirements.


good choice vacuumStill not sure which vacuum cleaner to choose? Some people prefer upright vacuum cleaners, other prefers canister models, but now you can have both for the price of one. Go for a vacuum that can convert from an upright to a canister or from a stick to a handheld. Some applications available on the market like Shark vacuum cleaner, fit all of the above criteria. It is one of the more intelligently designed vacuum cleaners and  is easy to use and at a moderate price point.  These vacuums are very versatile and do not sacrifice performance. They convert from upright into a canister, into a stick, handheld and even a Swiffer. The Lift-Away function is simple – one press of the button and a canister is lifted away.  If you are in the market for a new vacuum cleaner, consider this one. You will be glad you did.

Sharks’ suction is so impressive that you are going to be shocked at how much dirt comes out of the carpet the very first time you use it. Shark does what it claims! It vacuums the carpets, the  hardwood floors and it picks up that pet hair.  Shark is a quality vacuum without breaking the bank. The price point of Shark simply cannot be beat, especially considering all you are getting.


All that said, no matter how powerful your vacuum cleaner is, someone still has to be there to push it around. You can complement the vacuum you choose with a robotic one, like iRobot Roomba. Use it every day. Your place will always be clean, it will smell fresh and you will breathe easy. Not to mention that you will be able to keep your busy schedule. All you have do is to press the “Clean” button, sit back, relax, and enjoy life.

The robots can be scheduled for daily services at a specific time to keep your house clean. Just set it and forget it. These little housecleaning helpers won’t necessarily replace your upright vacuum cleaner, but they definitely will keep your floors cleaner than they would have been otherwise.

A robot vacuum cleaner is sophisticated enough to pick up dirt and debris from your floors and then steer itself back to its charging station. See iRobot Roomba.

To sum it all up, if you have Shark upright vacuum cleaner and an iRobot Roomba, you have a powerful cleaning duo and do not require anything else.