Shark Navigator-NV70 And NV80


NV70 and  NV80

Attention allergy sufferers – this vacuum is for you!

The Navigator NV70 is the first Shark Navigator vacuum cleaner utilizing the breakthrough Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology. Anti-allergen complete Seal prevents dust and dirt to escape back into the air when vacuuming. It cleans the air in your house while you are vacuuming. If the vacuum cleaner has HEPA filters, which are not sealed, they are completely useless. Shark’s Anti-Allergen Complete Seal captures 99.9% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum. The Sealed canister will help your sinus problems go away. It is great for pet owners as well as allergy sufferers.

Technology and features: (see Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaners).

  • Swivel steering technology
  • Never loses suction technology
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology with HEPA filters
  • Dual-motor system with brush-roll shutoff
  • Bottom-empty dust cup

See Navigators Comparison Chart.

NV70 Shark Navigator Professional 

The Navigator NV70 is the first Navigator utilizing the breakthrough Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology. NV70 has Mega 3X cup capacity, 3 times larger than the original Navigator. NV70 has glide rubber wheels which provide easy maneuverability. Gold color.

Navigaor NV70- Anti-Allergen Complete Seal

  • NV70 has Mega 3X dust cup capacity (3 times larger than the original Navigator)
  • Power cord is 30 ft.
  • Weight is 15.2 lbs.
  • Cleaning path is 9.25”
  • Input power is 1200W equivalent to 10 Amps
  • Accessories come with a super stretch hose. extension cleaning wand which is designed for reaching high spaces around your home, 5.5” and 16” crevice tools, dusting brush, and pet power brush.
  • 2 washable air filters besides HEPA

NV80 Shark Navigator Professional 

Same as Navigator NV70 with the same attachments except for some small differences:

  • Utilizes the XL capacity dust cup – 3.5 dry qrts. – double the capacity of the original Navigator vs. Mega 3X Navigator NV80- Anti-Allegen Complete Sealfor NV70
  • It weighs 18.6 lbs. vs. 16 lbs. for NV70
  • Cleaning path is larger – 9.5” vs. 9.25” on NV70
  • Has also 30 ft. power cord
  • Power is 1200W equivalent to 10Amps.

It comes in White and Gold color.

If you have allergies or pets and want a vacuum cleaner that actually works, these two vacuum cleaners are for you. They do not spread dust around the hardwood floors – they suck it up.

These Navigators never loses suction. Dual-motors provide optimized settings for both carpet and hard wood floors. It switches from hardwood to carpet very easily.

Swivel steering provides complete control to maneuver around obstacles and it is fantastic.

These vacuum cleaners have the best design for emptying the canister, just push the button on the bottom and it flips open and everything falls out. They have good edge cleaning too and they are relatively quiet.

The attachments are excellent. The power pet tool strips dog hair off the furniture without hesitation. It you are a pet owner you need this vacuum. Good bye dog hair!

The suction is incomparable. The suction is so strong, it seems almost self-propelled. It almost pushes itself forward when vacuuming. These vacuum cleaners are everything they make claim to be- Powerful, agile, fantastic value, and easy to use. The price cannot be beat.