About My Website

vacuum cleaner champ

Hello my name is Nat.

Thank you for visiting my site- “Vacuumcleanerchamp.com”.


My Passion

In general my passion is cleaning and has been all my life. I have read several articles regarding people’s cleaning habits. It is said that most people spend about 1 to 2 full hours on average cleaning their homes on an average day. I can honestly say that this is very likely true as I spend about 1 hour daily just vacuuming my home. It is my belief that each and every home should have the right equipment which makes this activity easier and maybe even enjoyable. A great vacuum cleaner may just accomplish that.

Let’s face it, when it comes to vacuum cleaners, the amount of information that is available out there can be simply overwhelming. There are also 1,000’s and 1,000’s of vacuum cleaners out there, and you are probably here to see which is best for your own needs. With this website, I hope to make the process of choosing the right vacuum cleaner for you a much simpler process.

Outrageous Claims

I have looked at many vacuum cleaners on the market, big and small, expensive and cheap, upright and canister. Most manufacturers will make “out-of this world” claims. Things like “never loses suction” and “no maintenance required”. The reality of it is that a vacuum cleaner, any vacuum cleaner, will at some point require some form of maintenance. Whether it involves cleaning filters, cleaning debris from brushes, removing obstructions and so on, at some point someone will need to do it. In my house it is usually my husband who gets this chore!

Personally, I have 3 vacuum cleaners. My husband says I need more!  But alas, I believe I have come up with the perfect combination (at least it works for me) of keeping your home space spotless and clean. As thus, my website- www.vacuumcleanerchamp.com.

At very least, I hope that my website will put things in perspective for you and help you choose the most suitable vacuum cleaner for you and your home.

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