Roomba 800 Series



Roomba 800 Series- Redesigned Vacuum Technology


The Roomba 800 series is substantially improved compared to the 700 series, and mostly due to its vacuum redesign.. Generally speaking, suction power was the weakest link with Roombas and they were compensating this by utilizing “persistent pass” cleaning technology. There are three models in this series 860, 870 and 880.

In order to improve its suction power Roomba 800 series introduced an innovation called “Aeroforce” cleaning technology instead of the “AeroVac” technology used in previous models. The AeroForce System uses a combination of two breakthrough technologies including  tangle-free AeroForce “extractors” and a high-powered vacuum channel known as  “Accelerated airflow”. Both of these deliver more cleaning power based on streamlining the airflow. This patented Aeroforce technology is 50% more effective at cleaning than the 700 series.


Key Features :

  • Redesigned brush rollers are now called “Tangle-Free AeroForce extractors” or “debris extractors” The old beaters are gone replaced with a fully brushless system consisting of two  Redesigned Vacuum Technologydebris extractors. These dual counter-rotating debris extractors are made of durable rubber that grabs and breaks down dirt and debris into smaller pieces resulting in improved cleaning.


  • High-Powered Vacuum Channel – Accelerated airflow through a sealed channel dramatically increases suction at the floor to transfer dirt, debris and allergens through the extractors and into the HEPA-filtered, high-capacity bin. The Airflow accelerator seals the airflow to draw in more debris. Aeroforce brings the vacuum power right down to the floor surface creating a sealed channel that concentrates the airflow thus  drawing in more debris. This new cleaning technology in combination with the redesigned brushes produces 5 times more suction power than previous models had. These enhanced extractors leads to an optimal airflow which require virtually no maintenance.

Roomba 800 series has the following key technologies: (see Robotic Vacuums)


Features and Technologies:

  • iRobot continues to use the most effective method of navigation to clean the floor – iAdapt Responsive Navigation Technology.
  • DirtDetect Series 2 with Persistent Path that uses optical sensors to detect dirt and debris in addition to acoustic sensors used in previous models.
  •  HEPA filters that capture dust particles as fine as 0.3 microns and encapsulates up to 98% of debris it encounters while leaving “clean air behind”. This is especially helpful for pet owners and people with allergies.
  • Full Bin indicators that let you know when the bin has reached its full capacity and needs to be emptied.
  • Touch pad control as opposed to buttons in previous models.
  • Wall-Following Technology to clean along the wall edges moving smoothly along the wall.
  • Cliff sensors allow Roomba to avoid stairs and other drop-offs.
  • Cleaning modes : Clean, Spot and Scheduled cleaning modes
  • Anti-Tangle System – Roomba won’t get stuck on cords, carpet fringe or tassels. When Roomba senses it has picked up a cord or tassel, it will automatically stop its main brushes or side brush and try to escape. Roomba may make a clicking noise when the anti-tangle system is activated.
  • Spinning Side Brush cleans along wall edges and corners.
  • Molded soft-touch bumper cushions the contact between Roomba and furniture
  • Light-touch bumper technology differentiates soft barriers like curtains from hard barriers, so Roomba pushes past the soft obstacles.
  • Auto-adjust to any floor types.
  • Larger dust bin.
  • Battery life is 50% longer than previous models thanks to the sophisticated software of the 700 series. Power is 5 times more than the 700 series.

Wireless Features:

  • Wireless command center. The Wireless Command Center let you control all Roomba functionsRoomba 800 Series- Redesigned Vacuum Technology from up to 25 feet (7.6 meters) away. The Wireless Command Center is used to turn Roomba on and off, schedule up to seven cleaning times a week and steer Roomba around the room.
  • IR Remote control allowing manual control of Roomba (if needed) without “chasing” it. You can call Roomba out of its dock remotely to come over and vacuum a dirty spot.
  • Lighthouses to navigate between rooms allowing the cleaning of multiple rooms.


Features by Model:

The Roomba 860 comes with almost the same features as the high-end Roomba 880 including:

  • Aeroforce vacuuming system
  • Debris extractors
  • Does not come with the remote control
  • It has one Virtual Wall/Lighthouse
  • It has Lithium-Ion battery (while Roomba is equipped with Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) battery.

The Roomba 870 is a more economical version of the Roomba 880. It utilizes 2 Virtual Walls instead of a  Lighthouse but does not come with a remote control. The X-Life battery allows for double the amount of  cleaning cycles as did the previous Roomba battery and it also comes with 2 Virtual Walls /Lighthouses and 1 extra HEPA filter.

The Roomba 880 includes two Virtual Wall Lighthouses along with a X-Life battery and 1 extra HEPA filter.