Shark Cordless XL Sweepers Models V2930 and V2950


MODELS V2930 AND V2950


Are you tired of pulling out your big vacuum cleaner just to pick up those small messes? Or to use for your everyday quick cleaning jobs? Then you need a SWEEPER- the “Vacuumless Performer”!

You have to understand that a “sweeper” is not a vacuum cleaner and it is more like a power broom you might say. They do not have any suction and rely solely  on the agitation power of their brushes.

These sweepers are great for picking up large debris like cereals, crackers, bolts, and even pieces of lettuce and sandwiches, not to mentioned dog hair. Practical usages would include hair salons, pet grooming places, hotels, cafes and workshops and are especially good for family celebrations for cleaning under tables.

Shark sweepers are not manual sweepers and are powered by a motor. They are completely cordless and rechargeable utilizing a 4.8V Ni-MH battery.

There are two Sharks sweepers on the market: V2930 and V2950. The V2930 (Shark’s original sweeper) is very popular and it is in the top 3 bestsellers  of carpet sweepers. The V2950, on the other hand is rated the number 1 in the carpet “sweeping” category.

 Technology and Features:

  • Both models are multi-surface and have two speed settings: a slow speed for hard floors and a fast speed for carpets.
  • Both models swivel which provides great maneuverability.
  • Charge indicators- when fully charged light goes out
  • Patented wall hugging technology – the motorized side brush spins up on the left and grabs dirt along the sideboards.
  • Power rated at 7.2 Amps and 120V/60Hz.
  • Lightweight weighting in at only 3.6 lbs.

There are, however, a couple of differences between these 2 models:

  • The V2950 has a 13” cleaning path vs. 10” cleaning path for the V2930.
  • V2930 is green in color and the V2950 is lavender
  • The V2950 has “Backsaver” technology which allows the handle to fold so it will go under furniture for easy cleaning
  • Battery life for the V2930 is 30 min and for the V2950 it is 60-90 min.
  • The V2930 can be easily converted into a handheld sweeper- just press one clip and the handle comes off enabling you to use to clean the stairs.
  • A large capacity dust cup which can hold 4 lbs. of metal nuts.
  • The V2950 has a “No-touch” dust cup and one can empty it simply by depressing  a pedal and lifting  out the dust cup using a handle. Then all you have to do is  place it over  a trash can and press the bottom-empty button on the lower portion of the handle. On the  V2930, the dust cup can be emptied by pulling it out from the side.
  • The V2950 model has an “anti-jam” brush roll which protects the motor from overheating  when there is a jam  by disabling the brush from turning
  • Enhanced maneuverability is available on the V2950 through “swiveling” technology

To Summarize

You can use these sweepers all around the house and they will keep your floors looking good between big vacuuming days. at the patio, garage etc. They will pick up broken glass, screws, needles from the hardwood floors, and are great for the patio or garage. These little sweepers are very powerful and nothing will stop the Shark!