Shark Navigator Swivel NV26 NV27 & NV42


NV26, NV27 AND NV42

NV26 Shark Navigator Swivel

NV26 SwivelIt swivels! This is the first Shark model with swivel capabilities:

  • It has a 30 ft. long power cord.
  • Weight is 15 lbs.
  • Cleaning path is 9.25”.
  • Input power is 1200W

It has traditional filtration and also suction control. It also  comes in different colors including red, purple and green. Super Stretch Hose.

It does not have “Never Loses Suction” feature.

It is equipped with a basic set of attachments: 5.5” and 24” crevice tools, dust brush and pet upholstery tool.

NV27 Shark Navigator Swivel

The NV27 is the same machine as NV2, but comes in different colors. NV27PR is Purple and NV27GR is Green.

NV42 Navigator Deluxe

Shark Navigator NV42 featuresFeatures include: (see Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaners)

  • Never Loses Suction technology which means it uses cyclonic technology.
  • Double XL capacity dust cup almost twice as large as the original Navigator.
  • 25 feet Power cord
  • Cleaning path is 9.25”. Small head means you can get into all those weird tight spaces.
  • 12 ft. stretchable hose.
  • Weight is 15 lbs.
  • Dust cup is bottom-emptied.
  • Input power is 1200W equivalent to 10Amps.
  • Motorized brush roll on/off.
  • No suction control

This vacuum does not swivel and does not have a washable HEPA filter. It has brush roll shutoff switch for transitioning between carpet and hardwood floor with  a fixed handle.  Equipped with a basic set of attachments: 5.5” and 24” crevice tool, dusting brush, cleaning wand, pet hair power tool to clean off upholstery. It comes in gold, purple and silver colors.

To Summarize

All original Navigators are fantastic vacuum cleaners. They work superbly on carpets and hardwood floors alike and they combine great  suction along with motorized brushes to pick up dirt and debris. All come with the essential cleaning attachments including a very useful pet brush.

Their performance on carpet cleaning is outstanding, and although there is  no height adjustment on these models,  the height of the motorized brush has been optimized for easy pushing on all floor surfaces. Thus no height adjustment is needed. The power provided with this unit  is strong enough to pick up stubborn pet hair.

The dust bin is easy to empty and  you do not have to touch any dust or dirt and nothing gets clogged. The brush attachment swivels around which is very convenient and efficient.

They have no belts to wear out and in case anything gets caught in the brush roller the vacuum cleaner will automatically shut down. This saves the motor from burning  itself  out.

All these vacuum cleaners are well – engineered and very sturdy. If you are looking for a reasonably priced vacuum cleaner with great suction power, this vacuum is for you. It is a great vacuum which is not ridiculously priced and is definitely worth the money.

See Navigators Comparison Chart.