Original Shark Navigator- NV22



Original Shark- NV-22

The original Shark vacuum cleaner is the NV22 Navigator. Although it does not incorporate Shark’s newest technological features, it is a good, reliable, “no frills” type of vacuum. This Vacuum is priced well and usually at a fraction of the price of the newer models.  Although this vacuum cleaner does not have swivel steering, it does maneuver easily Original Shark - NV22because of its glide wheels. The power cord is 30 ft. long and this model weighs in at just 15 lbs. thus making it easy to carry. It also has a bottom-empty large capacity dust cup. The cleaning path is 9.25”. It features a unique 24-inch crevice tool and deluxe super-stretch hose with  12” long cleaning reach, thus providing easy access to hard-to-reach areas. It is equipped with a basic set of attachments: 5.5” and 12” crevice tools, dusting brush and wide upholstery tool.

Technology and Features

Some of its features include: (see Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaners)

  • Never loses suction technology. Infinity technology pulls 99% of dirt away in the filter with 21 cyclones that trap dust and dirt and therefore pulls dust into the vacuum instead of scattering it in the air.
  • Unique dual-motor system with motorized brush roll shut-off. Brush roll shut off means that the vacuum shuts off should any object gets stuck in the brush mechanism
  • Auto carpet adjustment
  • Input power 1100W
  • Dust cup capacity is 2.4 dry quarts
  • Zero maintenance costs. Life-time filters and belt – no replacement needed.
  • Suction Control

The Navigator NV22 comes in different sub-models NV22C, NV22L, NV22LC, NV22P, NV22T, NV22Q and NV22W (see Shark’s manual for NV22). All these vacuums are similar. They are different only in regards to their attachments/accessories.

Accessories and Attachments

For models NV22C, NV22P, NV22L, NV22LC, NV22T, NV22Q and NV22W, Shark comes with a Pet Hair Power Brush that is kept in a separate accessory bag. For model NV22L, NV22P, NV22T, NV22Q and NV22W, Shark comes with an extra 24” crevice tool. NV22Q has an extra stretch 10” hose that can attach directly to the on-board hose.

Model NV22 was specifically made for Walmart. This model comes in either blue or lavender.

The NV22L is lavender in color. It differs a little bit from the basic NV22. It has

  • A dust cup which is twice the capacity of the original Navigator NV22
  • The power cord is 25 ft. long in comparison with 30 ft. for NV22
  • Cleaning path is 11” vs.9.25” for NV22

See Shark Navigators Comparison Chart.