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Shark Navigators vacuum cleaners are hard-working vacuum cleaners which incorporate Shark’s renowned technologies including:

  • Swivel steering technology – all Navigator models except NV22 and NV42,  Powered Lift-Away models NV581, NV581Q and NV583 have advanced swivel steering.
  • Never loses suction – all Navigator models
  • Lift-away feature that converts an upright vacuum cleaner into a handheld and/or canister – Models NV351, NV352, NV356E, NV355, NV357, NV360, NV360, NV581, NV581Q and NV583
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology – all Navigator models except NV22, NV26, NV27 and NV42. It was first introduced in NV70.
  • HEPA filtration – all Navigator models, except for NV42
  • Shark NavigatorAuto carpet adjustment – all Navigator models except NV26, NV27, NV42 and NV80
  • Dual-motor system with brush-roll shutoff – All Navigator models
  • Zero maintenance cost – all Navigator models
  • Suction control – all Navigator models except NV42, NV80, NV100 and NV105
  • Motorized brush roll on/off – all Navigator models
  • LED Headlight on the floor nozzle – Powered Lift-Away models NV581, NV581Q and NV583
  • Fingertip control – Powered Lift-Away models NV581, NV581Q and NV583
  • Input power ranges from 700W for NV100 and NV105, 1140W for Powered Lift-Away models NV581, NV581Q and NV583 and 1200W for others.
  • The heaviest Navigator is NV80 at 18.6 pounds and the lightest is NV100 and NV105 at just 10.5 pounds
  • Power cord length ranges from 25 to 30 feet
  • Cleaning path ranges from 9.5” to 12.5”
  • Dust cup capacity (dry quarts) ranges from 1.2 to XL capacity at about 2.2 -2.6 quarts

All Shark Navigators are bagless with a canister aboard. All Navigators utilize a  dust cup which opens only from the bottom and not from the top.

Most of the Navigators come with 5 years manufacturer’s warranty.

Accessories and Attachments

Shark’s Navigators come with miriands of attachments like:

  • Dust-Away Hard Floor attachment or Hard-Floor Genie
  • Edge cleaning tool
  • Multi-angle dusting brush
  • Flexi crevice tools
  • Caddy on wheels
  • Multi Tool or Dusting Genie
  • True pet mini motorized brush
  • Pet Power Hair Brush

See Shark Navigators Comparison Chart.

Shark Navigator Series:                                               

 Original Navigators: Navigator NV22

Navigator Swivel N26

Navigator Swivel N27

Navigator NV42 Deluxe

Navigator 70 series (NV70 and NV71)

Navigator Light NV100 and NV105

Navigator 300 series: NV350, NV351, NV360

Navigator NV581 Powered Lift-Away