Ultra-Lightweight Shark Rocket HV300 Series


HV300, HV300W, HV300C, HV301C, HV302, HV303, HV305, HV310, UV450

Shark Rocket HV300 Series is an original ultra-lightweight  stick Rocket vacuum cleaner. It cleans bare floors and deep cleans carpets. It is the lightest of all Rocket vacuum cleaners at a weight of only 8 lbs.

Technology and features: (see Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaners)

  • Swivel steering provides ultimate control to get in and around the furniture.Ultra-Lightweight and ease of use
  • 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner: upright (as stick) and handheld – the versatility of this vacuum cleaner allows floor to ceiling cleaning: wand is used to reach the above surfaces, handheld is used to clean stairs and furniture and upright to clean the floors.
  • Never loses suction
  • Slim design of the floor nozzle is great to clean even under low furniture
  • Two speed brush roll for all floor types.
  • Effortless transition from one type of floor to another – you can go from bare floor to carpet without any hassle.
  • Washable filters: foam and felt under a removable cover on the main unit.
  • Easy empty dust cup – just press the button and the bottom lid falls open.
  • On Unit Storage Hook
  • Dust cup capacity is 0.118 gallons
  • Power is 500 Watts equivalent to 2Amps
  • Cord length is 30 ft. (except model HV300 with 27 ft. and HV300W with 32 feet)
  • Weight is about 8 lbs. without the cord or accessories.
  • Handheld weighs just 4 lbs.
  • Cleaning path is 9”
  • Dimensions are 46″ high x 9.8″ wide x 10.5″ deep
  • 5 years manufacturer’s warranty

Accessories and Attachments

The standard set of attachments includes a 12” crevice tool, dusting brush, upholstery tool, accessories bag and walls mount.

Other attachments are optional and can be purchased from www.sharkclean.com website or from another retailer. You can purchase (information taken from shark website)


  • a selection of dusting brushes in a variety of sizes and shapes
  • dusting brush to cleans hard surfaces and upholstery,
  • soft 5 positions multi-angle dusting brush pivots to clean at any angle,
  • multi-tool converts from a dusting brush to an upholstery tool.
  • pet hair cleaning tools
  • powerful motorized hand tool to remove pet hair from carpeted stairs and upholstery and
  • motorized hand tool removes pet hair and dust from curtains or delicate fabrics and upholstery
  • crevice tools in a variety of lengths
  • 5” crevice tool,
  • 2”crevice tool and
  • 8” flexible crevice tool extendable with rubberized end flexes to reach tight areas
  • Dust-Away Hard Floor attachment with a washable micro-fiber pad for hard floors.
  • Under Appliance wand that cleans under and behind hard-to-move appliances, furniture or any tight area. You can flip the extension upside down to clean the underside of appliances as well.
  • Some specialized tools like home and car detailing kit, which allow you to clean computer keyboards, car vents or any tiny spaces.

Technically speaking all these vacuum cleaners are the same. The difference is in the attachments.

Ultra-Lightweight -LED lights your way

  • HV300 has 27 ft. long power cord, HV300W 32 ft. power cord, others have 30” cord. The color is Blue or Orange.
  • HV302 comes with home and car detail kit.
  • HV310 is Shark Rocket Deluxe. It is distinguished by its bright green color and extension wand of 24” length vs. 12” for other models.
  • Shark Rocket Ultralight Upright UV450 has 47 dry quart maximum bin capacity and 8-1/2″ cleaning path. It features headlights on the floor nozzle.

For the price and functionality this is a great buy – hands down.