Shark Rocket Powerhead Sweepers


AH400, AH400C, AH401, AH401C, AH405, AH452, AH452W,

Shark Rocket Powerhead Sweepers- The all floor Cleaner

Shark’s big bullhead vacuum cleaner named “Powerhead” is a rather specialized device specifically oriented to a high level of performance on both carpets and bare floors. This upright is strictly a floor cleaner and it does not have any attachments to clean upholstery and it certainly will not replace your vacuum cleaner. I would like to think of it as extension to your floor care arsenal.

Shark’s Rocket Powerhead design is similar to a commercial vacuum cleaner. Its configuration is “direct” as opposed to “by-pass” in most other vacuums. (see How to choose a vacuum cleaner). In a “direct” upright vacuum cleaner the motor is positioned as closely to the floor as possible so the dirt and debris has less distance to travel to the bag. Direct vacuum cleaners rely on airflow and have a very simple design as the dirt passes through the motor prior to any filtration on route to the dust bag. This design makes for better airflow and higher suction.

Commercial Vacuum Functionality

Functioning like a commercial vacuum the Powerhead is light weight. All the vacuum power is concentrated in its head: all cleaning components, including dust cup, are relocated to the bottom of the vacuum cleaner. By moving the motor and the dust cup down to the floor level, the distance the dirt has to travel between the floor and the dust cup is reduced by 80% compared to that of a standard upright vacuum. Because this distance is now much shorter the vacuum does not really need to produce as much power to suction dirt from the floor. Rather than making a power-hungry vacuum that suctions everything, the Powerhead uses high performance brushes to fling the dirt into the dust cup.  The real  meat of the cleaning is done by a set of powered brushes.

Another key note is that the majority of the weight is now shifted down to the floor level leaving very little weight left on the top.  By designing it this way, the vacuuming weight in the hand is estimated at less than 1 pound! You can imagine how easy is to operate and maneuver this vacuum cleaner around.

In addition, Shark advanced its steering technology allowing the vacuum to glide around your home, steering easily from left to right with a twist of the wrist.

Technology and features: (see Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaners)

  • Dynamic swivel steering makes maneuvering around, under and between furniture easy.
  • Multi-surface floor cleaning – bare floors and any kind of carpets.
  • Fingertip controls on the handle so you don’t have to bend down just to turn this vacuum on or off
  • Telescoping handle which can be adjusted to the height you want (only for AH452, AH452W and AH454Q)
  • Removable, rinsable surface brushroll
  • Pop-up dust cup
  • 2 washable filters – foam and filter
  • 2 speed settings LO and HI to control the speed of the brush. LO is for bare floors while HI is for carpets
  • “Brush Roll Garage” (except for AH400) to store brushes. With a push of a button garage door opens and another brush pops out.
  • 2 interchangeable and rinsable brush rolls (except for AH400): The Shark Powerhead features two different brush rolls; the all-surface roll can handle anything from carpets to hard flooring, while the Gentle Touch brush roll is useful for gently cleaning bare floors.
  • LED lights only for AH453, AH452W and AH454Q
  • Suction release button is located on the floor nozzle
  • Indicator light at the wand’s base for troubleshooting
  • Automatic shut-off thermostat in case the vacuum is overheated
  • Pop up dust cup with pedal release at the bottom of the wand. Dust cup is bottom emptied
  • Weight less than 9 lbs. without cord and accessories
  • Vacuuming weight in hand is less than 1 lbs.
  • Dust cup capacity is 0.20 gallons
  • The cord length is 25 feet for AH400 and AH401, and 30 feet for AH452, AH452W and AH454Q
  • Input power is 600W equivalent to 5 Amps
  • Cleaning path is 10.6”
  • Dimensions are 45.3” tall x 12.6”deep x 12.2” wide for AH400 and AH401 and 44.9” tall 2 12.6” deep x 12.2” wide for AH452 and AH452W
  • 5 years manufacturer’s warranty

Shark Powerhead Easy Removal Brushroll


Shark Powerhead come in different colors including purple, green and blue.

The Powerhead AH400 is the base model and  has an “All-Surface” brush roll which has stiff bristles and can be used on both the a LO and HI settings.  Models AH401, AH452 and AH454 are equipped with a “Gentle-Touch” brush roll along with the “All-Surface” brush roll. Both of these brush rolls are switchable so the choice is yours- a soft bristle brush roll or a “stiff bristle brush roll. The swivel steering  improves maneuverability and due to its low profile, you will be able to reach areas under dining tables or beds for easy cleaning.

Suction power is about 20% more than with the Shark Rocket HV322 and HV323. Edge cleaning is only available on the right side of these machines but it is very effective. Carpet cleaning with this vacuum is superb and due to its ultra-low profile getting under furniture is made easy.

In short the Powerhead keeps things simple with its traditional upright design and one button operation. Most importantly, people love it!