Shark Rotators


“Creme de la Creme”



Shark-Rotator- The "“crème de la crème”

The Shark Rotator line of vacuums is the “crème de la crème” of Shark Upright vacuum cleaners. The Rotator motor is so strong that you might not believe you have that much dust and dirt in your house.

In my opinion, what makes all Shark vacuum cleaners the best of all brands is their patented Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology which means that nothing is blowing back into the air. You will not find any dust under or on the furniture. All of Shark Rotators are completely sealed.

The Rotator’s edge cleaning is superb. Suction comes from all sides of the cleaning head – from the left side, from the right side and from the front. There is even no need to pull the hose out to vacuum the corners and along the walls.

Shark Rotators are more expensive than Shark Navigators. But then again, they are a higher class of Shark upright vacuum cleaners. Shark must be very proud of all the technology it put in a small machine. Any piece of equipment has some kind of novelty. According to Shark “good enough” is never really “good enough”.

Shark Rotator works wonders on all hard surfaces not to mention carpets. It has an incredible array of attachments (see Shark Upright Vacuum cleaners for that list and description).

None of the Shark Rotators lose suction because of cyclonic technology which separates fine dirt from the air. All Rotators have HEPA filters.

Rotators are proud of their swivel steering, Shark advanced this technology even further by introducing “Enhanced Swivel Steering” (400 series) and “Dynamic Power Steering” (600 and 700 series) that provides better maneuverability around furniture and tight corners and excellent control of the vacuum cleaner when maneuvering around furniture.

Rotator Configurations

Most of the Shark Rotator models are “lift-away” except for the original (NV90) and the 400 series. Some are 2-in-1 like the NV341 and NV450. These models convert from “upright” to “Portable” modes.

By introducing a caddy on wheels, Shark created a 3-in-1 vacuum cleaner. These include the Rotator 500, Rotator 600 and the Rotator 700 series. These models combine upright, canister and portable vacuum cleaners in the one machine.

With the invention of a Hard-Floor Attachment, Shark has turned an ordinary vacuum cleaner into a powerful sweeper thus  adding one more extra functionality to this unit.

Shark has also extended the reach of the motorized cleaning head in the power lift away line. These models enable one to get all the way in, around, behind, and under all those tough-to-reach areas. This now provides a 5th functionality to this machine in Models NV650, NV651, NV652, NV750, NV7525, NV753, NV755 UV759, NV680, NV681, NV682 and NV683. Now you have a 5-in-1 vacuum cleaner – upright, canister, handheld, sweeper and a stick.

See Shark Rotator Comparison Chart.

Technology and Features (see Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaners)

  • Never loses suction technology – all Rotator models
  • Swivel steering technology – all Rotator models
  • Lift-away feature, that converts an upright vacuum cleaner into a handheld, and/or canister except for NV90 and NV400 series (but not NV50)
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology – all Rotator models
  • Auto carpet adjustment – all Rotator models except NV90 and NV400
  • Dual-motor system with brush-roll shutoff – All Rotator models
  • Zero maintenance cost – all Rotators models except NV90 and NV400
  • Suction control – all Rotators models except NV90
  • Motorized brush roll on/off – all Rotators models except NV90 and NV400
  • Input power ranges from 720W for NV341 up to 1200W.
  • The heaviest Rotator is NV400 at 16 pounds and the lightest is the Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed at just 13.3 pounds
  • Power cord lengths ranging from 25 to 30 feet
  • Cleaning paths ranging from 10” to 12”
  • LED Headlights on the floor nozzle on all Rotators except NV90 and NV400 series. The Rotator Powered Lift-Away models UV755 and UV759 have LED lights on the floor nozzle and on the handle as well.

All Shark Rotators are also bag-less vacuums with a canister aboard. Some Rotators utilize a dust cup which opens only from the bottom, some from both the bottom and the top.

Most of the Rotators come with a 5 years manufacturer’s warranty as standard, but some have 7 years manufacturer warranty.

Shark’s Rotators come with tons of attachments (see Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaners) including:

  • Dust-away hard floor attachment or Hard-Floor genie
  • Edge cleaning tool
  • Multi-angle dusting brush
  • Flexi crevice tools
  • Caddy on wheels
  • Multi Tool or Dusting Genie
  • True pet mini motorized brush
  • Pet Power Hair Brush

Rotator Series: