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According to Wikipedia a “steam mop” is a mop that uses steam to clean floors and carpets. Unlike a regular mop, which requires cleaning agents such as bleach or detergent, a steam mop uses heat from steam to disinfect the floors. A micro-fibre pad is often placed right underneath the steam jet to trap dirt. Most steam mops have a small water tank, and often provide dry steam.

A steam mop works by heating up the water inside the reservoir to temperatures of about 120 degrees Celsius (248 degrees Fahrenheit). Many steam mops have one jet of dry steam (but may have as many as 15 jets), which moisten a micro-fibre pad placed directly underneath. The steam helps soak the pad and dirt is drawn off the ground. Unlike regular mops, steam mops do not leave a residue on the floor and often clean through the dirt. The heat of the steam can kill about 99 percent of  bacteria and dust mites. Steam mops can disinfect floors, restore shine, kill dust mites, and remove some stains.”

The steam loosens, lifts and locks in the dirt. The important point in steam mop design is the amount of steam the mop can generate. Too little steam leaves the pad too dry and too much steam leaves the pad too wet. Just the right amount of steam makes the mop glide over the floor surface easily and the floor dries almost instantly without leaving too much water behind. Shark creates almost pure steam when it hits the floor. You can even hear the steam coming out. Shark’s mop provides super-heated steam in just 30 seconds, and dries almost immediately resulting in a streak-free floor. And because it dries out almost immediately it is safe for hardwood floors.

Shark’s steam mops are “one-of-a kind” and incorporate many novelties in the world of steam mopping.

Technology and Features

Steam on demand. Most designs and features allow you to control the amount of steam – so called “steam on demand”. Steam on demand delivers steam when you want it and where you want it. Steam o settings are manual steam control on demand and variable steam using your natural motion to deliver super-heated steam.

As you push forward, steam comes out and the steam works through the pad. Steam is released from all sides of the head. As you pull back, no steam comes out, but the pad has enough time to dry out.

Intelligent Steam Control. There are one and three levels of Intelligent Steam control. One level of Intelligent Steam Control means that you do not need to pump the mop, the mop automatically releases steam on every push forward motion. Three levels of Intelligent Steam control means that you can dust, mop or scrub. Three levels of Intelligent steam controls customize the  amount of steam for each cleaning task. .The mop has three distinct electronic steam settings, each of which is ideal for different floor surfaces and specific cleaning needs which provide right amount of steam needed for dusting, mopping or scrubbing. By pressing the  ON/STANDBY button once will provide a light steam for quick dusting. For normal everyday jobs press ON/STANDBY button a second time and a third time to activate the “SCRUB” setting for heavy cleaning. Steam is created automatically when you start mopping

Direct Steam Channeling system distributes steam through a pocket to create an ultra-wide cleaning zone.

Steam Blaster (or Concentrated Steam) technology delivers extra targeted concentrated burst of steam that attacks stubborn stains and easily loosens debris. Just flip the mop head over and tilt the mop handle back to activate a concentrated and powerful burst of targeted steam.  The head of the mop is designed in a way that it concentrates steam to one point creating a burst of steam penetrating into the nooks and crannies.

Dirt grip pads have added strips of gripping material woven through the pads that help to lift and lock in dirt deep into the pad. Dirt Grip Pads are made of microfiber material which effectively lifts and removes dirt. The pads are tripple-layered and steam-activated. These pads are washable and reusable.Some mops (Steam and Spray) have disposable pads along with regular pads.

Pocket pads. Some steam mops feature 2 sided heads/pads, which you can flip over which allow for cleaning  double the floor area  without changing the pad. Usually one side of the pad is used for scrubbing since it has scrubbing strips to clean tough stains, and the other side is used for regular floor cleaning. These pads are called “pocket” pads as they wrap around the top and bottom of the mop head.

Swivel steering for easy maneuverability (see Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaners)

No-touch technology. With a simple push of a button the pads automatically release.

Types of Steam Mop Heads. There are two types of steam mop heads – flippable (pocket mop) and non-flippable. There are also rectangular and triangle shaped mop heads. The rectangular shaped mop head  is designed for regular mopping, and the  triangle shaped mop head for more detailed jobs. Both of these steam mop heads are interchangeable just with the push of a button. The Dirt Grip Pads come for Rectangular Head and for Triangle Scrubber.

Some steam mops are equipped with “Carpet glider” which is a rectangular plastic frame that goes on the bottom of the mop head.

Telescoping handle – for easy adjustment of handle length. A soft-grip ergonomic handle design makes it easy to maneuver without physical strain.

Quick-release cord – for ease of release and storage.

Shark’s steam mops utilize  plain water to produce the steam at a high temperature which also sanitizes. This super-heated steam sanitizes floors, killing 99.9% of harmful germs and bacteria including n E-coli.

The Shark Steam Mops are designed for use on most sealed/glazed floors.

Shark Steam Mop Models